torsdag 25 oktober 2018

Open PowerShell (or Command Prompt) in Admin mode in the current folder from File Explorer

Sometimes it can be handy to open a PowerShell (or Command Prompt) from File Explorer and directly end up in the same folder that you had open in File Explorer.

These two instructions might be exclusive for Windows 10 only, I'm not sure.

Non-admin mode
Go to the address bar, type cmd and press enter.

Admin mode
For PowerShell, press alt, then f, then s then a. Alt, f, s, a
For Command Prompt, alt, f, m, a

1. Pressing Alt will bring up this menu with hotkeys

2. Pressing f will present the next menu with a new set of hotkeys

3. And pressing opens the last menu

4. Tada: PowerShell i admin mode in the correct folder

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