onsdag 9 augusti 2017

Anyone else having the same kind of double vision?

I think I've had double vision for a long time, but maybe it has become worse the last five years or maybe it just has started to bug me more than before.

Here are two examples that show how text can appear for me.

Here are some characteristics of the phenomenon:

  1. The duplicate image is less prominent than the original image, it's like a shadow of the original image. The color of the duplicate looks like a washed-out version of the original.
  2. The duplicate image always appear moved upwards compared to the original.
  3. The duplicate appear the same when using both eyes or one eye at a time, regardless of which eye I look with.
  4. The farther away from the original I am, the higher up the duplicate appear.
  5. The duplicate disappears when looking through the top edge of the glasses. Looking through a small hole also makes it disappear.

I've been to an ophthalmologist three times. The first time he suspected an incipient cataract or keratoconus (a bulging cornea). But after my two revisits both those suspicions got depreciated. And no new ideas came up :(
I also have a minor squint, but that can't be the source of the problem since the duplicate appears even when I look with one eye at a time.

I don't know the exact strength of my glasses, but it is around -6 for both eyes. The values for the astigmatism correction I have no clue about, have to check it up...

The double vision really bugs me when:
  • Trying to help someone with his code by sitting beside him and look at the code on his monitor from the side. The duplicate characters make the code unreadable.
  • Meeting persons on the street. Since faces also get distorted by the double vision, it makes it hard to know if it's a person I know or not until coming pretty close.
  • Looking at subtitled movies on the TV
  • Driving in darkness, it's hard to read signs from far away

So, since both the ophthalmologist and the optician are clueless, it would be nice to know if anyone else has experienced this, or even better, if anyone knows what it could be and how to fix it!

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  1. It got a bit better after changing lenses in my glasses