onsdag 21 juni 2017

"Software" books that make me wanna start my own business

Here's a short list of books that have been mentioned in the developer podcasts I listen to. I've read two of them, and it started an itch, an itch to try start my own business. Really get the thoughts flowing. Maybe it will for you too?

Developer Hegemony

The Future of Labor
Erik Dietrich

Erik explains what he thinks is wrong with software corporate structure. He divides the employees into three categories, pragmatists (the coders that just want to make a living), idealists (the bosses that live the company culture and put in lots of extra hours to become an opportunist, but never will be) and opportunists (company founders/owners) and uses these categories to describe the work life in companies of today. He wants to see a transformation of software creation and proposes people starting their own single-person businesses and join forces when needed. He want us to become something that he calls efficiencers.

He is a guest in these podcasts and talks about his ideas and his book there:

He's also a guest in this older episode:

His blog:

Soft Skills

The software developer's life manual
John Z. Sonmez

John goes through the important things you as a software developer need to know careerwise. Giving tips about what to think about when working at a company, for starting your own startup, marketing yourself, learning and teaching.

He's been a guest in these podcasts:

Do you see a pattern? :)

His blog:

Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
Timothy Ferriss

I haven't read this book yet, was just about to, but felt a bit overwhelmed of this "genre" after reading Developer Hegemony. When reading up on it now, it doesn't seem software related either, but my impression is that the tips might fit a developer that are about to start something of his own.

It was interesting listening to him on the podcast anyway (or, well, when searching for the podcast I was sure I had heard him in the first time, I can't no longer find it. He and his book was probably mentioned by some other interesting guest...). 

Here is a recording of Scott Hanselmans interview with him anyway. 

And his blog

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