söndag 20 augusti 2023

Windows 11 update hijacks the Print Screen button (from Lightshot)

If you install the Windows 11 update KB5025310 your print screen button will be assigned to the Snipping Tool in Windows. I have the screen capturing tool Lightshot installed and listening to the print screen button, but now Windows 11 hijacked it. Here's how you stop Windows Snipping Tool to listen to the print screen button.

Open "Accessibility keyboard settings"

Set "Use the Print screen key to open Snipping Tool" to "Off"


One thing I like about Lightshot compared to the Snipping Tool is that after you've selected the area to copy it is possible to resize and move that area, which is really handy if you're doing precision work. It also lets you add text, lines, arrows, boxes and freehand drawings on the copy.

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