söndag 4 november 2018

Just finished Fran Bow, a game from Killmonday Games in Hedemora

After reading in the local paper that there is a computer game studio, Killmonday Games, in Hedemora now, (probably the very first, with a released game anyway), I felt that I had to try the game they'd produced. I found their game Fran Bow on Steam, it is a point and click adventure game with a really dark, bloody and insane feeling to it. I think you understand by looking at the trailer.

Luckily I like point and click games, so now, after a total of 10 hours of playing according to Steam I've finished it.

I liked the varied puzzles and that you only got a handful of items in the inventory and that the different places visited were pretty restricted. During the last year I've been replaying the first episodes of Monkey Island with my daughter and many times got rather frustrated over how many things Guybrush carries around and how many places he can go to. It leads to too much trial and error and that's avoided in Fran Bow!

I also liked that you could double click when walking to the next scene, which instantly takes you there.
What I disliked though, was the sluggish conversations, which also could be sped up some by well-timed double clicks though, but led to lots of clicking during conversations and it was hard to get the timing right and you still have to wait a while before the next text showed up.

I've got the impression that the game has a big fan base. I didn't become a fan, but found it playable and wish Killmonday Games good luck with their upcoming games!

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