lördag 9 september 2017

Want to learn? 3 months Pluralsight for free. If you haven't tried it, I really advise you to because I like it a lot!

I have taken a few courses on Pluralsight to learn about WPF, ASP.NET MVC and Linq. My experience is that it is a really fast way to get into something. The courses are nicely separated into different modules and sections, so if you feel you already know some of the content it is easy to navigate to the parts that you need to know more about.

And I prefer to learn something by having someone speaking about it than to just read about it.

To get your free months, you have to sign-up on Visual Studio in the cloud, but that's also free. Just follow the instructions linked below.


I'm on to learn some basics about Angular 2, just to get a grip on what it's about.

In case you use the offer, hope you'll have a nice learning experience!

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